About me and my studio

I know what it means to be infatuated with your career and your craft. What it feels like for hours pass unnoticed as you tinker with a new technique, or to feel a pure happiness when you learn something new that changes your perspective. You’re obsessed. I get it.

My own obsession with my craft drives me to work with people who love theirs. I specialize in bringing out people’s unique passion in personal, engaging portraits for business and artistic professionals. Up with people!

I believe a well-crafted headshot can help you make a meaningful impression — to communicate your fire and drive to the people who matter. My particular skill is bringing out your true beauty and personality in a warm, expressive signature image that you’ll be proud of.

With a home base in Austin, Texas, I draw constant inspiration from meeting some of the country’s brightest and most interesting people every day. My client base includes a diverse range of creative folks and professionals — from corporate executives at companies such as Microsoft and Intel, to venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, to artists and musicians, to — most recently — a raw food chef and the owner of a pet cloning company.

Why work with me?

An experienced photographer with training from the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, I know how to get the heart of what a person really wants from a portrait — and how to deliver it. I work one-on-one with each of my clients to learn more about what makes them tick. That helps me create images that are authentic and impressive.

And — important for my busy clients — I respect your time by being reliable, organized and true to my word. Pausing to sit for a photograph may sound like an inconvenience (or, if you’re camera-shy, sheer agony). My commitment is to make the experience easy, efficient and even fun!